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Fiberlite Technologies, Inc.
Recycling Paper Into Cellulose Insulation
Fiberlite Technologies, Inc.
Recycling Paper Into Cellulose Insulation
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Fiberlite Cellulose Insulation Products - Proven Resistance To Mold & Insects

Fiberlite Cellulose Insulation Resists Mold & Insects


Two areas relating to cellulose insulation that often are fraught with misinformation are mold and insect resistance. It's important for industry professionals to have and share the facts with their clients.

Mold Resistance

A frequent argument against using cellulose insulation is the myth that it is more prone to mold than other insulation materials. This is simply not true.

Mold growth requires the presence of moisture, which typically occurs in the form of humidity in a home or building. Cellulose Insulation naturally diffuses moisture, and Fiberlite’s Cellulose Insulation is specially treated with Board Defense® (EPA Reg. No. 44757-20) which protects against the germination of mold and mildew within the insulation system. In fact, Fiberlite's Cellulose Insulation has been scientifically proven by Dr. Jose Herrera, Truman State University-Kirksville, MO, to effectively kill mold spores. His research led to two peer-reviewed scientific articles. The first article was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene; the second in Micologia Aplicada International.

Download Dr. Herrera's Review in Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

Download Dr. Herrera's Review in Micologia Aplicada International

Insect Resistance

Fiberlite cellulose insulation contains EPA approved insect resistant substances. These additives are incorporated into the product and provide insect resistance for the insulation material. Just as products such as Borax have been used as insect repellents in homes for years, insulating with FTI Fiberlite Plus cellulose insulation in the walls, attics and crawlspaces will deter insects from staying in the insulation material. While not a substitute, when used in combination with other pest control products and professional pest services, Fiberlite Plus Cellulose insulation can help reduce insect infestations.

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